• Open Source

    Based on the RaspberryPI Olimex A20 micro. GUI written in python (+ wx). Backend in PHP with MariaDB database (MySQL compatible)
  • Be your own bank

    We've all heard it before with regards to cryptocurrency, but seriously, set these up everywhere. Liberate your local area from the grip of the banks and make £££/$$$/€€€


through simplicity

The RaspberryPI doesn't excactly pack a punch so by keeping everything simple performance should be ok (no fancy transparent gfx etc) Olimex A20 performs very nice :). So far so good in testing (tiny bit of camera lag while reading QR Codes but it's acceptable).

Server Backend

because of performance (<<)

Centralised management of fleet (global configuration changes), pooling of working capital & reliability ... these are good things. The server software could probably be installed on the ATM itself but this is not recommended.

Secure ?


Not as secure as disconnected from network with power off, but I will be assuming in the design that the API + Control Panel are not on public network (behind a VPN or SSH Tunnel) and that the wallet server is on a seperate network not allowing incoming connections (wallet server connects to webserver via reverse SSH tunnel).

Features Still a work in progress

Open Source Technology

Debian running on the RaspberryPI Olimex A20 Micro, wxPython for the GUI, PHP + MariaDB for the backend, OpenVPN & OpenSSH for networking makes this almost fully opensource.

Monitoring & Stats

Will build in some nice monitoring and reporting stuff, just not all straight away....
To start there will be:
  • Heartbeat stats (see when atm goes offline)
  • Recording of historical exchange rates (for reconciliation)
  • more as needed

Network Design

While not obligatory in your setup, I will be documenting this project as I am setting up my little test, in which ATM's will connect over OpenVPN, atm managers (control panel access) will connect via SSH tunnel / Stunnel, because i'm probably going to mess something up somewhere in the code and don't want all coins stolen.

Chat Support

Ummm..... I don't think so.


I will setup a community forum and place the code on github, and hopefully people can chip in.

Hosted Solution

Once BETA testing is over and the backend is significantly improved, I intend on providing a paid for hosted service for those who can't / don't want to run their own PHP + Mysql + coind servers.